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Jaya Bharath

Welcome To JayaBharath Homes (P)LTD..

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Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certification. Our Quality Policy Total Customer Satisfaction. Continuous Improvement In Products,Services, and Systems. Jayabharath Name to be Synonymous With Quality.


We are Known to be a Professionally Managed Organisation with a Stable and Confident Business Model.Jayabharath has Created a Brand Name that Stands for Trust, Reliability and Innovation.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to Designing< and Constructiog Project in Strict Compliance With Applicable Regulations. Promoting Efficient use and  Conservation of  Natural   Resources.

Our Jayabharath New Project

Oscar City Launched in Omachikulam

Our Construction Innovation

  • Modern House

    "In the days before modernist architects tried to reinvent the medium, many buildings had a deep-rooted coherence of technique, material, craft, space, decor… but these aren't always the brightest, lightest or easiest options," says Schoenfelder, adding, "most buildings benefit equally from shadows, the mass, and the depth of surfaces." That's the underlying principle behind the unconventional but rugged simplicity of the house. The material used for construction makes it clear. "The walls are clay brick covered in lime plaster, with a hand-applied finish that results in a slightly uneven surface that's cool to the touch," says Schoenfelder. The rooms are small, the walls thick, and the staircase to the mezzanine seems to be organically built into the walls. Contrary to popular trends, the living room is upstairs, while the bedrooms are on the ground floor. Like the rest of the house, the bathrooms—with their Jaquar fittings—have been tastefully appointed.

  • Kitchen

    One of our latest innovations in kitchen solutions is the implementation of a simplified, integrated model in obtaining your new kitchen; we call it the One Stop Total Solution.
    Our free, no-obligation design consultation allows you to see how much storage JayaBharath can give you within your space.
    Visit the showroom with your home kitchen layout. The skilled JayaBharath Designer will listen, and review your ideas and needs and then schedule a follow up appointment to present a modular kitchen design plan and pricing with your needs and style in mind.
    Our designers will discuss your storage need, show you samples to help you choose a kitchen layout type - U shape, L shape, galley kitchen, G shape or Island kitchen depending on your requirement and will then provide you with a 3D drawing showing how your modular kitchen would look like.

  • Finalize your Customized Kitchen

    In the construction of the cabinetry, we are only use all the leading market brands – Laminex; Polytec; Hettitch; Hafele and Surteco.

    The kitchen space will be designed using our 3D visualization software. It will help you visualize your kitchen layout and enable you to suggest any changes you feel are needed. Once your design is agreed the Designer will help you choose materials, finishes and hardware. The designer will confirm the price. The designer will take your feedback and make any revisions if needed.
    JayaBharath is fully committed to providing products and services to make your life simpler that exceed your expectations for quality and excellence. Please, enjoy!

  • BedRooms

    There's a good chance that you won't see any of these innovative bed designs in your local furniture or department store. These beds all have unique designs and functionalities that a California King with an oak headboard just can't compare to. If you want to start sleeping better or start using your iPad, in bed then click through all of these innovative bed designs today to get a few ideas.

  • Car Parking

    Own space for your own property. Separate car parking ..
    Every new parking facility is different in terms of locale, design and usage. The design of a new facility can never be prescriptive - multi-storey developments in a city centre will have different security requirements from a rural surface level car park.
    There isn't a one-fits-all design for a safer car park. What we can provide is best practice guidance to designers, owners and operators on the design and incorporation of physical security features that will establish and maintain a safe and non-threatening parking environment.

  • 24*7 Water Supply

    'WATER' the driving force of all nature. We provide pure drinking water anytime.
    As the figure on page 214 shows, a groundwater or surface-water source (or both) must be available and accessible. Groundwater naturally is stored in underground geologic formations, and is pumped from its subterranean source via a single well or multiple wells. Surface water can be accessed via an intake pipe in a river, canal, large lake, or artificial reservoir. In some rivers, low-head dams may be used to pool the water for more efficient withdrawal. In other cases, large dams have been constructed to impound water on a large scale, thereby ensuring a reliable water supply throughout the year, and from year to year.
    Many Constrution have aging water infrastructures, some as old as 100 years. The structures and materials used in piping systems are reaching the end of, or are exceeding, their life expectancy. Incredibly, some water systems still use asbestos-cement (AC) pipes and wooden storage tanks. These facilities are no longer allowed on newer systems; however, it is common to allow older water systems time to upgrade because of the expense. With these older systems, additional monitoring requirements may be imposed; for example, water systems that still have AC pipe in the ground are required to periodically test for asbestos in the water.

  • CCTV Video Coverage System

    Our CCTV Surveillance Systems are based on the Advanced Digital Technology utilizes Digital Video Recording for Long Periods of Time with Variety of Performance.
    JayaBharath Security System Provide Electronic Security Equipments help to Control and Detect Attempts of Theft, Crime and Robbery Especially in a Busy Area in Anytime..
    From Possible Theft, Break-in, Forceful Entry and Fire.You can also Keep a Check on Guards using our Guard Monitoring systems.
    Protect your Goods, Equipments and Machineries from Theft and Damage with our Complete Range of Fire Alarm and Security Alarm System.

  • Security Guard

    We make you feel secure 24*7 security guard. JayaBharath appreciates the security risks particular to manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, such as theft and pilfering, counterfeiting, sabotaging, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism and contamination. Proactive security efforts dramatically reduce your facility's vulnerability and helps protect your people, reputation and assets.

    *Visitor and vehicle job site/gate access control
    *Site security patrol
    *Vehicle and foot patrols
    *Equipment movement/watch log
    *Material In-Out Register
    *Daily activities logs
    *24-hour guards service

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Our JayaBharath Ongoing Project

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